Premier Tax Free

This site was developed on behalf of Proctor and Stevenson based in Bristol, the brief was to design and build a new site in Drupal. The design of the site was relatively straight forward and didn't take long to implement.

The most complex part of the website was it's multilingual functionality, the brief stated that the site should work in seven languages (including english) but only certain areas of the site would show certain languages. Consumer had to be in English, Russian and Mandarin whereas the business side had to be in Spanish, Italian, French and German. The trickiest part of the development was adhering to these rules, Drupal is setup to allow a user to see the entire site in any of the languages you enable - so seperating out the content per language ended up requiring a lot of custom code. On the upside I learnt a lot about setting up multilingual sites in Drupal.

Another piece of complexity came with the web design of refund/export points pages, the maps on these pages required a clustering effect as well as having a detailed map of aiports (to show where the shops were). I settled on Leaflet which fulfilled all criteria, the Leaflet module for Drupal was good but I ended up having to develop my own Drupal module for it as it didn't quite do what I needed it to - on the otherhand the actual Leaflet js library was a dream to use and made my life very easy.

All in all the project took a little longer than anticipated but ended up being a success and the client was very happy with it.

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