Source For Business

This site was developed on behalf or Proctor and Stevenson based in Bristol, the brief was to build a new business site for South West Water. 

The current site for Source for Business needed to be brought up to date so a new web design was created and it was down to me to do the web development necessary to implement the design as a new theme in Drupal.

The change in layout throughout the different breakpoints (screen sizes) of the design proved to be the trickiest part, blocks that were on top of each other on desktop were underneath each other on a tablet for example. To get around this I had to write custom Javascript to move content around based on what the screen size was.

The second issue faced was the complexity of the carousel on the homepage, the carousel had to work responsively and be able to display images or videos whilst displaying the adequate amount of slides to fit the window. I looked at a few pre-built carousels (flexslider, owl carousel) but in both cases I found they didn't quite do what I needed so I ended up writing my own which allowed me to fully meet the brief.

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